Personal Stories

Meet Jim

Jim is a 76 year old man who has enjoyed golfing for many years. Recently he mentioned to his daughter that he can no longer play golf because he has dementia. He was having trouble keeping score and walking the full distance of the course. They talked about it and decided that it would still be possible if they hired a golf buggy and his golf partner kept score. The family also made plans to play mini putt. Jim enjoyed teaching his grandkids how to hold the golf clubs. Jim and his family were happy to see that he could still enjoy golf in a different way.

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He loves everything golf

For Jim, there are many ways he can continue with his favourite activity:

  • Golfing 9 holes instead of 18
  • Using an electric golf buggy
  • Going to the driving range
  • Playing mini putt with the family
  • Volunteering at a golf fundraiser
  • Playing a golf video game
  • Watching golf on TV
  • Talking about golf with others
  • Looking at golf magazines
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