Personal Stories

Meet Rose

Rose is an 86 year old woman with Alzheimer’s disease (a common type of dementia). She had been a swimming coach for many years when her children were in school. She still enjoys swimming at the local pool as much as possible. When she moved to an aged care residence recently, she let the staff know that swimming was important to her. They were able to organise regular group outings to the pool for swimming and water aerobics. Rose enjoyed helping to teach others, in the group, who were not as confident in the water. She said to the staff that she felt valued again.

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She loves to be in the water

Practical support and social support can help you continue living a healthy, active lifestyle. Rose was supported in a number of ways to continue going the pool:

  • Staff organised the outings and transportation
  • Family members ensured that Rose had suitable swimwear
  • Residents offered encouragement and support to one another to go to the pool each week • Doctors reviewed treatment and medication to manage health conditions
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