Personal Stories

Meet Trish

Trish is a retired teacher who is living with younger onset dementia. She lives with her supportive husband and enjoys visiting her adult children and grandchildren. Trish also enjoys a range of activities that keep her mind active and engaged. She particularly loves reading, cooking, knitting and doing puzzles. Some aspects of these activities have become more difficult over time. Trish and her family have developed many strategies that enable Trish to continue enjoying her interests on a daily basis. She also continues to try new things and meet new people, which brings her great joy.

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She loves to cook

Activities can usually be changed to suit an individual’s strengths and abilities. It sometimes takes creativity. For Trish, there are many ways she can continue with her interests and keep her mind active:

  • Playing games with her grandchildren
  • Listening to books on tape
  • Cooking a familiar meal using a recipe book
  • Knitting scarves for charity
  • Doing crossword puzzles in a large-print book
  • Doing colourful jigsaw puzzles with fewer pieces
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